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Friday, October 19, 2012

Android Dictionary-T


  • T-Mobile: One of the four major U.S. carriers. Had the very first Android phone, the G1.
  • Tegra 2: NVIDIA's "System on a chip" that features dual-core processors, a powerful graphics processor and other acts of awesomeness.
  • Tegra 3: NVIDIA's quad-core system on a chip.
  • Tethering: The act of using your smartphone's data to provide Internet access to another device, such as a laptop. Can be done wirelessly, or via a USB cable.
  • Thunderbolt: The first LTE phone from HTC. Has a 4.3-inch touchscreen and 1GHz Snapdragon processor, 8MP camera on the back and a front-facing camera for video chat.
  • TouchWiz: Samsung's custom user interface. Born from Windows Mobile and made much better with the Galaxy S line.
  • Tripit: An excellent itinerary manager for Android.
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