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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Android Dictionary-M


  • Magic: See myTouch 3G.
  • Manufacturer: A company that physically builds cell phones.
  • Merge: An HTC phone that was slated for Verizon but has yet to be released. Features a horizontal keyboard and (approx.) 3.7-inch touchscreen. Also featured Bing instead of Google services.
  • Mobile World Congress (MWC): A European wireless industry trade show, held in Barcelona, Spain, the past few years.
  • Moment: A mid-range Samsung phone that has data lock-up and is forgotten about by everyone
  • Motorola: Manufacturer of smartphones and other hand-held wireless devices.
  • Motoblur: Motorola's custom Android interface. Heavy on widgets and social networking, low on sophistication.
  • Motoluxe: A 4-inch Motorola smartphone with Android 2.3, destined for outside the United States.
  • myTouch 3G: The U.S. version of the HTC Magic. Specifically, the T-Mobile branded version. Also came in a limited edition branded by the Fender guitar company.
  • myTouch 3G Slide: A followup to the myTouch 3G, featuring a horizontal sliding keyboard and an updated version of the HTC Sense user interface.
  • myTouch 4G: An HTC device and one of the first T-Mobile phones to have HSPA+ data. Also has a front-facing camera and a modified version of the Sense user interface.
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