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Friday, September 28, 2012

Android Dictionary-E


  • Early Termination Fee: Also known as an ETF, it's what a carrier chargers you to break out of your contract. Usually are prorated.
  • Eclair: Android 2.0-2.1
  • Element: Pantech's waterproof 8-inch Android tablet. Is a 4G LTE device on AT&T.
  • EOL: Stands for "End of Life." Means a carrier or manufacturer is phasing out a particular product. It does not necessarily mean that phone or tablet is bad, nor will anyone come and take your EOL'd device away from you.
  • Epic 4G: Sprint's version of the Samsung Galaxy S. Has 4G data and a horizontal sliding keyboard.
  • Epic 4G Touch: Sprint's version of the Samsung Galaxy S II. Is a 4.5-inch, 3G/Wimax smartphone.
  • ETF: Stands for Early Termination Fee. What you have to pay to get out of your contract with a carrier.
  • EVO 3D: Sprint's follow-up to the massively popular Evo 4G; this time around, Evo's got a 3D display, one of the first of its kind.
  • EVO 4G: Sprint's 4.3-inch Android phone manufactured by HTC with the Sense interface and 4G capability.
  • EVO 4G LTE: Essentially Sprint's version of the HTC One X. Has a bigger battery and removable microSD card, and was one of Sprint's first LTE devices.
  • EVO Shift 4G: A unannounced horizontal slider on Sprint. Essentially the carrier's version of the G2, though with 4G data.
  • Excite X10: Toshiba's dual-core Android tablet that's just 7.7mm thick.
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