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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Android Dictionary-C

 Android Dictionary 



  • Captivate: AT&T's version of the Samsung Galaxy S. 
  • Carrier: A company that provides cell phone service.
  • CDMA: One of two major standard for cell phone communications. Is used by Sprint and Verizon in the United States, and by a few nations elsewhere. Is largely seen as a dying standard. (See also GSM)
  • CES: North America's largest consumer electronics show, held in January at the Las Vegas Convention Center. 
  • Charm: A cute little 2.8-inch Motorola device with full QWERTY keyboard. Released on T-Mobile in August 2010. 
  • Citrus: An entry-level Android 2.1 device from Motorola on Verizon. 
  • Civilian: What we lovingly call a non-smartphone nerd. Someone who doesn't buy a phone every few months.
  • Cliq: A 3.1-inch Motorola offering on T-Mobile. It's been replaced by the Cliq XT. Is known as the Dext outside of the U.S. 
  • Cliq 2: A 3.7-inch phone with a horizontal sliding keyboard. Manufactured by Motorola, on the Verizon network.
  • Cliq XT: The follow-up to the Cliq, featuring a small trackpad. Launched with Android 1.5.
  • Clockwork: Developer of the ClockworkMod custom recovery mode for Android.
  • Command line: In Windows, it's a DOS prompt or Command Prompt. In Linux or Mac, it's Terminal.
  • Continuum: A Samsung phone on Verizon sporting a second front display called the "Ticker," which can be used to show RSS feeds, weather, scores, music controls, etc.
  • Craplet: A cheap tablet, often one that doesn't even have Google apps installed.
  • CTIA: A bi-annual U.S. convention of the wireless industry. Nobody really knows what the abbreviation stands for anymore.
  • Cupcake: Android 1.5. (More on Android versions here.)
  • Cyanogen: The online handle of one Steve Kondik, relatively famous in the hacking and modding community and the creator of the CyanogenMod series of ROMs.


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