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Monday, September 17, 2012

50 Best MIUI Themes-Part 4

Before starting this post I would like to explain what is MIUI.

MIUI, pronounced Mee You I. Is a custom ROM for an Android Device, which has immense themeing capabilities. It was developed by Xiaomi Tech.

If you want to install MIUI on your phone check your phone model on Xda Developers website or ask at

Create a Themes folder on your SD Card and put all themes(.mtz) files into it and open the Themes app in the phone and search to SD card and it will be installed into the phone. To change the theme tap on it and install.

Now lets continue to the Themes 

31. Cartoon

32.Dark Knight(Not Batman)-


34 Angry Birds


36.Dark Orange

37/38. Suave HD Dark+Light

39.Mystic Oval

40.Shadow Moon

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