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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Shooting Tips for a Good Video

1.Avoid too much motion in background- When you shoot avoid shooting with too much action in the background as it distracts the viewer from the main point.

2.Choose the right light- When you shoot try and do it in the maximum light you can, as it give a sharp and clear videos

3.Clothes and colours- The clothes and the colours worn by the subject must be complimenting his/her skin colour and his/her shape and size

4.Shakyness- Avoid shaking your hand too much, if you cant help it then use a tripod stand to help you

5.Re-recording- When you record a movie you are bound to get a lot of unwanted ambient noise what you can do is in a video editor, re-record the dialog and mute the actual audio that was recorded at first.

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