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Thursday, August 9, 2012

How To Speed Up Your PC

Feels your computer's been slower than a tortoise! then maybe these tips will help you out

1.Upgrade your RAM buy 2 steps forward e.g.If you have 1 GB of RAM buy 4 GB
2.If this still cloggs up your windows, do a clean format of your hard drive and install windows on one partition, allocate softwares for another and, the rest space in another partition
3.Resist your temptation of putting data into the Windows partition
4.Defrag your computer atleast once in a week
5.Uninstall your games/apps you do not need now
6.Do registry and temp cleaning
7.If you have windows 7 installed and it still hangs try installing windows XP
8.Upgrade your Processor/graphic card

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