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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Do's and Dont's for Printers

1.If you’ve installed the ink cartridges for the first time, remember that they need to be aligned.
2.Store the cartridges in the right packaging, it makes sense to store extra cartridges in their factory-supplied containers, or in a small zip-lock bag.
3.To avoid paper jams, clean the rollers inside by using alcohol. Do not forget to set your paper guides carefully and remember to never mix different types of paper in the same tray. Half the problems won’t arise if you use the right paper.
4.For switching off the printer, use the printer’s power switch rather than the switch on a surge protector.
5.Use the nozzle-clearing function (it blows ink through the nozzles to unclog them) if you have an inkjet printer. Use it regularly,
especially if the printer lies unused for weeks at a stretch.

1.If you spot a leakage, never open the inside parts of the printer. Always call the authorised service centre.
2.For optimal trouble-free performance, use the original ink cartridges, not the cheaper refilled ones from a local shop.
3.Avoid placing a bunch of paper

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